Improving Education and Access to Information

The New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition believes that education is essential to eradicating breast cancer. Breast Cancer Facts, provides statistics that show the extent and personal cost of this deadly disease.

NHBCC participates in women’s health fairs and community events throughout the state. NHBCC Steering Committee members present workshops on breast cancer advocacy for hospitals, schools, support groups and community organizations.

NHBCC’s educational resources are designed to help guide women and their families, healthcare providers, and the general public.

NHBCC offers financial support for members to attend National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund conferences and educational programs. For example, in 2004 three New Hampshire women successfully completed NBCC’s Project LEAD, an intensive four-day science course designed to prepare activists to participate everywhere decisions about breast cancer are made.

Please Join Us in our fight to eradicate this disease that puts ALL WOMEN AT RISK. With your help, we will succeed.

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